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  • Custom-Made Products Bespoke Packging
    Have you considered having your packaging printed or made to your exact specifications?
  • Cardboard Boxes (Corrugated Cases) Cardboard Boxes (Corrugated Cases)

    A comprehensive range of stock cardboard boxes, moving boxes, storage boxes, pallet boxes, wardrobe cartons & foam packs.

  • Cushioning & Protection Cushioning & Protection

    Everything to protect your products including Bubblewrap, Stretchwrap, Void Fill, Corrugated Paper and Jiffy Foam.

  • Packaging Tapes Packaging Tapes
    We stock a full range of packaging and specialist tapes. Also tape dispensers. Perfect for keeping your box and packaging secure.
  • Polythene Products Polythene Products

    Our stock sizes of Polythene Bags, Sheeting and Tubing, Self-Seal and Anti-Static bags.

  • Stretchwrap Stretchwrap

    Our stock sizes of Stretchwrap. Also dispensers and pallet wrap systems.

  • Moulded Polystyrene Cold Boxes Moulded Polystyrene Cold Boxes

    Moulded Polystyrene (EPS) Cold Boxes provide a lightweight, water resistant solution and are available in a wide range of standard sizes.

  • Postal Products (including Jiffy Bags) Postal Products (including Jiffy Bags)

    A full range of stock products including Jiffy branded postal bags, mailing sacks, mailing boxes and tubes. 

  • Packaging Papers Packaging Papers
    Stock sizes of brown packaging paper rolls & packaging sheets, tissue paper, white newsprint and packaging paper blankets. 
  • Strapping Products Strapping Products
    Plastic or metallic strapping to secure your packaging, including machines & dispensers. 
  • General Packaging Items General Packaging Items

    Various packaging products including Twine, Rubber Bands, Knives, Pens, Staples and Staplers.

  • Packing Room Equipment Packing Room Equipment

    Packing Stations, Strapping Machines, Stretchwrap Machines, Heat Sealers and equipment for every budget. Maximise space and productivity in your packing area.

  • Membrane Boxes Membrane Boxes

    Clever clear plastic packaging boxes to protect and display the most delicate products. 

  • Packaging On Demand Packaging On Demand
    The latest innovation in packaging material supply. Create your own air bags, bubblewrap and paper voidfill on site without storing large volumes of material.
  • Clearance Items Clearance Items

    Here is our current list of clearance items. Please browse through in case there is anything of interest to you. 

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